Most bags make you compromise. Sure, it may be cute, but it only has compartments for your lipstick and keys. Our bags beautifully combine style and storage, making sure that all your essentials are always within reach.


Part of the Spring collection, Greta; our turquoise shoulder bag pairs a burst of color with luxurious, hand-tooled leather to give you the perfect look.


Love the confidence boost that comes with a new outfit, but cringe at the price tag? Get that “new look” feel every time you pair an old outfit with the versatility of a bc designs bag. Besides, who doesn’t like a bit of sass?


The freedom to live the life you want is a beautiful thing.
We know you spend your time delicately balancing work, family, and friends, and you deserve a break. That’s why bc designs tailors our line of Lifestyle Bags to fit every facet of your life; work or play.